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January 13, 2012

Modified Education Gets More

Federal financing on students with special needs will rise in 2012.  This is welcome news because of numerous attempts to slash the modified education budget in 2011.  Congress granted an extra $100 million to the budget.

“It’s a good outcome,” said Lindsay Jones, senior director for policy and advocacy at the Council for Exceptional Children, which lobbies on behalf of special educators. “We always want more money and we’re nowhere near full funding, but considering the political climate, this is fine.”

Congress also gave $5 million for programs highlighting children with physical/mental challenges.  Money from Congress will also be used to support parent/guardian information places for children with physical/mental challenges as well as assistive technology.  However, like all programs, modified education did receive a slash of nearly 2%.

In 2011, there was a proposed agreement that could have reduced the modified education budget by approximately $58 million.  Activists are obviously thrilled this didn’t happen.  School districts will obtain their extra finances from Washington in summer 2012.

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