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January 18, 2012

Bell Appointment Highly Critiqued

Barack Obama selected Peter Bell, executive director of Autism Speaks, to the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.  The committee is comprised of 21 citizens and 13 federal officials.  They discuss topics regarding people who have mental challenges with the President and the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  

However, President Obama’s decision is being highly critiqued.  Bell has suggested a correlation between autism and some vaccines.  This suggestion has made some activists unhappy.

“Bell’s appointment shows such contrast to the forward motion the Obama administration has shown in the areas of autism and disability as a whole,” said Melody Latimer, director of community engagement for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. “The link between autism and vaccines has long been discredited, and so an appointment placing an anti-vaccine leader in a position to influence a greater audience and re-open the issue is disappointing and ill-advised.”

Bell has several activist organizations supporting his appointment such as Easter Seals.  Autism Speaks representatives are excited for Bell.  White House representatives are waiting for the necessary paperwork to solidify his appointment.

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