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January 25, 2012

Books Awarded for Inclusive Themes

Four books received the Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award for focusing on children or having plots centered on people with mental challenges.  This award was created in 2000.  The types of books recognized were two chapter and two picture stories.

Two books had stories centered on Aserger’s syndrome.  One book focused on a family member with autism as its main theme.  The final book told the story of a girl with several mental challenges. 

“Engaging books that feature people with disabilities as individuals with personalities, strengths and talents as part of the storyline, have the exponential power to change attitudes and promote inclusion in education, jobs and community life,” said Fran Prezant, one of the Dolly Gray Award panelists. “These are important, not only for young readers with and without disabilities, but for parents and teachers who read books to them and model societal attitudes through words and actions.”

This award was received at a conference given by the Council for Exceptional Children.  The conference was held in Florida.  The books were published in 2010 and 2011.

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