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January 6, 2012

TSA Hotline Helps Travelers

The National Transportation Security Administration (TSA) created a new hotline for people with physical/mental challenges as well as unique medical needs.  TSA staff will be able to discuss airport screening methods, and provide passengers with a person specializing in the physically/mentally challenged field if wanted.  The hotline is called “TSA Cares.”

This hotline was created after several members of the physically/mentally challenged community expressed disapproval about airport services.  They stated that staff ignored their challenges.  Staff also subjected them to inappropriate searches.

“This additional level of personal communication helps ensure that even those who do not travel often are aware of our screening policies before they arrive at the airport,” said TSA Administrator John Pistole in a statement.

The TSA Cares hotline number is: (855) 787-2227.  It can be reached from 9 a.m-9 pm EST on Mon-Fri.  Staff recommends passengers with physical/mental challenges call the hotline 72 hrs before departure so they can work effectively with airport security to get all needs met.

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