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January 2, 2012

Teen Raises Awareness for Amputees

Jordan Thomas was a 16-year-old boy ready to go scuba diving.  When he got into the water, the swirling winds carried him into a boat’s propellers.  This accident caused Thomas to become a double amputee.

Thomas knew he would always have enough money for excellent prosthesis since his parents were both doctors.  He also knew that many children who were amputees weren’t as lucky.  He decided to start the Jordan Thomas Foundation which has raised $40,000+ to pay for prosthetics.
Thomas’ story is helping raise political activism about prosthetics.   Democratic representative Robert Andrews created the Prosthetic and Orthotic Custom Parity Act.  This act would require insurance companies to pay for prosthetics at the identical rate for surgeries.

"It's pretty simple," Andrews said. "Prosthetic devices are not cosmetic. You can't walk without one or you can't lift something without one, and I think one of the reasons people are so upset about the health care system in this country is they had hassles like this."

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