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January 17, 2012

IEP Dipolma Debate in NY

The New York Board of Regents wants to stop students with physical/mental challenges from receiving their “IEP Diploma.”  This diploma is given to students who complete their Individualized Education Program (IEP) but don’t complete regular high school graduation requirements.  Activists and support systems are angry with this idea.

Activists and support systems state that this idea could be harmful to a student with a physical/mental challenge when seeking employment.  They feel that changing the diploma could affect job possibilities.  Since the board of Regents wants to change the name of the IEP Diploma to “Skills and Achievement Commencement Credentials,” activists argue this is unspecific to employers because it doesn’t mention a clear subject area. 

“The big-box stores and the restaurant chains require a diploma. They don't say which kind -- they just say a diploma," said Roy Probeyahn of South Manor, who sits on Suffolk County's Disability Advisory Board and has three adult sons who completed special-education programs. "And now our students won't be able to say they have a diploma."

New York Board of Regents representatives state they want to change the name of the IEP Diploma because it doesn’t fully document what serves as a regular high school diploma.  They also state the diploma wouldn't be recognized by employers.  If the changes are cleared, they would be implemented in 2013.

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