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January 16, 2012

Case Rejected in Supreme Court

The Supreme Court rejected a case that deals with a girl that has modified education needs.  The girl is known as “Addison” in court documents.  Addison’s mother claimed the school district ignored Addison’s needs just to pass her along to subsequent grade levels, so she fought to have her case examined in the Supreme Court.

Addison was considered a sophomore in high school in a California school district.  She was known for having incontinence difficulties at school.  Addison also played with crayons and dolls in class.

Addison’s mother sued the California school district saying that her mental challenges should have been recognized in earlier grades.  She stated Addison qualified for modified education services under a provision in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Addison’s mom won her case which enabled her to bring it before the Supreme Court for a ruling.

The Supreme Court will not rule on this case.   Supreme Court representatives made no statements regarding this topic.  In fall 2011, the case received high-profile attention when President Barack Obama’s staff sided with the state of California on the topic.

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