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December 9, 2011

Accessible Home for Auction

Members of the Laurent House Foundation want to save an accessible home created by architect Frank Lloyd-Wright from the auction block. Their goal is to make the home into a museum.  They need to earn $500,000-$700,000 to prevent it from being auctioned.

Kenneth Laurent desired the house to be barrier-free after receiving a spinal cord injury as a result of World War II.  The injury caused his lower body to be paralyzed.  The house was built in 1949 and can be found in Rockford, Illinois.

Some of the highlights of the home created by Lloyd-Wright include low switches.  There are also built-in desks and other pieces of furniture specifically designed for a user of a wheelchair.  Lloyd-Wright also wished for the décor of the home to be appreciated from someone who uses a wheelchair regularly.

Laurent and his wife have resided in the home almost 40 years.  They are moving to assisted living.  There isn’t currently anyone who wants to purchase the home.  Without the money, it will be auctioned December 15.

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