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December 1, 2011

Funding Help for Housing

$150 million will soon be allotted for funding of residency for people with physical/mental challenges.  This announcement was made on behalf of the Obama administration.  The funding will be produced by the federal government.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development Section 811 is the source of the funding.  Money will be divided among 35 states.  It will also finance 92 housing developments.

Organizations plan to create new living facilities with the money.  Some of the money will be used to make apartments or condos.  Other segments will be used to create group homes for people with physical/mental challenges.

People with physical/mental challenges are eligible for Section 811 if they make lower than 50% of the average wages where they reside.    However, most people only make lower than 30%.  This program requires the person to pay 30% of rent with the federal government paying the remainder.

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