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December 14, 2011

Pujols Cause Unknown

Previous St. Louis Cardinal first basemen and his wife Dee Dee have a daughter named Isabella with Down’s syndrome.  They started a family foundation in her name.  However, Albert has been dismissed from the Cardinals which will leave the foundation’s future uncertain.

The Pujols Family Foundation was created in 2005.  The foundation has earned 1.3 million+ in 2009.  Its central focus is to create support systems for people in St. Louis and the Dominican Republic who have   Down’s syndrome, and the foundation raised over four times the amount two other activist groups earned in 2009.  Representatives of the foundation in the St. Louis area said there are no intentions of closing the foundation despite the Puljols departure.

“Albert and Dee Dee really wanted to be involved," said Todd Perry, executive director of the Pujols Family Foundation. "They didn't want to grant requests and to sit and write out checks. They wanted a hands-on experience. If we have a prom, we'll host it, and it will be the level of excellence that we expect and that these kids deserve."

Pujols recently became a member of the Los Angeles Angels.  Contract negations were reached for $250 million through 2021.  There are currently discussions of the Pujols Family Foundation expanding in Los Angeles.

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