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December 30, 2011

Challenges around the World

The World Bank and World Health Organization created a report documenting people with physical/mental challenges globally.  One billion+ or 15% of the international community has a physical/mental challenge.  80% reside in poor countries.

In many support systems globally, physical/mental challenge can be a cause and a hardship of having low-income.  Support systems obtain the poverty level by attempting to care for a loved one with a challenge.  A person can also be diagnosed as physically/mentally challenged if they reside in inadequate living quarters, have health problems, and don’t eat well.

“Sadly, in many countries, having a child with a disability is a source of shame and embarrassment,” says Nora Groce, professor and chair of the Leonard Cheshire Disability & Inclusive Development Centre at University College London, one of the few research centers in the world that specializes in the health and well-being of those with disabilities in low-income countries. “Despite the fact that things are improving, this is a largely overlooked population.”

Children in the global school system receive harsh disciplinary action because of their physical/mental challenge.  This can result in corporal punishment.  Teachers and able-bodied students view students with challenges as lazy.

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