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December 23, 2011

Higher Pay for Personal Assistants

Since the ‘70s, personal assistants who help with in-home needs for people with physical/mental challenges have been acknowledged as “companions.” They aren’t on the same status level as other workers.  The Obama staff wants to change that by increasing their wages.

This new agreement would apply to all in-home care personal assistants employed by organizations or other third parties by allotting them minimum wage or overtime pay.  It would also provide extra benefits for those that help with advanced medical care.  Presently, the US has 1.79 million personal assistants.

“These men and women, they work their tails off,” President Barack Obama said. “They deserve to be treated fairly.”

29 states don’t have laws that allow overtime or minimum wage for personal care assistants.  Federal government representatives say these workers would profit greatly from the change.  There is a 60 day public remark period before any changes will be put into place.

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