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December 29, 2011

Tests Discovered Housing Discrimination

The Office of Civil Rights in Seattle, Washington conducted a covert test of properties of housing in the area. They partnered with the non-profit Fair Housing Center of Washington.  48 homes were chosen at random.

Representatives of the two companies were acting as concerned tenants. Tenants had similar status in every personality trait. An area where they differed was the ability of physical and mental challenge.

36% of tested areas found that obstacles were present in homes for people with mental and physical challenges. These property owners did not allow service dogs and neglected to inform tenants on open housing. They also refused to comment on accessible parking.

“These results confirm that housing discrimination is the reality for many people who live in Seattle," said Mayor Mike McGinn in a statement. "That is simply not acceptable. The actions that we are taking as a response to these results will help us to become a more equitable city."

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