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December 16, 2011

Senator Expresses Concern over TSA

Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer wants the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to have more services regarding people with physical/mental challenges at airports.  This demand comes after women claimed TSA employees stripped search them inappropriately because they were wearing costumed medical equipment.  TSA is setting up a toll-free hotline for people with physical/mental challenges discussing travel topics.

 “While the safety and security of our flights must be a top priority, we need to make sure that flying does not become a fear-inducing, degrading and potentially humiliating experience,” said Schumer. “Right now, passengers who feel that their rights are about to be violated have nowhere to turn, but by training passenger advocates at each of our airports, the TSA can finally give passengers a voice.”

Schumer also wants passenger activists to have more training to get acclimated to seeing various conditions.   This would help airport staff in providing accommodations in travel for the physically/mentally challenged and senior citizens.  These ideas would also be effective because of the busy holiday travel times.

TSA representatives didn’t remark specifically on this topic.  However, they did state they had customer service employees at most major airports.  The hotline is scheduled to begin service in the middle of January.

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