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December 12, 2011

Cooper's Playtime Dilemma

Cooper Veloudis has a physical challenge, and earlier this year, the physical therapist suggested his family create a playhouse to assist him in increasing his activity.  The family built it in his yard.  Now the Andover Forest Homeowner’s Association in Kentucky is demanding the playhouse be taken down.

The Association said the playhouse must leave the property because it is not allowed in the neighborhood due to the way it was constructed.  Costs of the playhouse were around $5,000.  Each day it remains on the Veloudis property, Cooper’s family must pay $50 to the Association.

"This house is all about Cooper, it is not about come over and play," said his mother, Tiffiney Veloudis. It is about getting in there and having therapy and the therapy is fun. You accomplish so much more." This is obviously a special circumstance.” There is nothing written in that code for a child with special needs.”

Cooper’s family didn’t think the playhouse would cause uproar because other families have structures similar to the playhouse in their yard.  Cooper’s family also stated their neighbor’s swingset as having similar structure to the playhouse. The Association couldn’t be contacted for remarks regarding this topic.

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