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March 15, 2012

Activists Disagree with Restraint

Activists disagree with the new report that supports restraint and seclusion in schools.  This report argues against using restraint when trying to discipline students with physical/mental challenges who try to hurt able-bodied students because of their challenge.  This report can be documented in the American Association of School Administrators.  

“School administrators and school personnel are not conspiring to harm children. We want to work together with parents to create an environment where all children can learn. These are tools that help us do that job,” said Daniel Domenech, the group’s executive director.

This report features testimony from parents/guardians of children who state that their kids with physical/mental challenges wouldn’t be able to attend public schools if restraint wasn’t used.   It also states that 30% of school districts placed five or more staff members in the hospital due to restraint.  Restraint practices have been highly discussed in recent years.

Activists are responding to the report.  The Consortium for People with Disabilities is launching a letter-writing campaign to end the practice of restraint.  These letters are intended to focus to contact members of Congress to disprove the findings in the report.

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