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March 5, 2012

Businesses Against New Plan

The Department of Labor wants contractors to employ at least 7% percent of people with physical/mental challenges.  If contractors don’t follow this rule, they face the possibility of losing government contracts.  This proposal was initiated in December 2011.

Contracting businesses are unhappy with this proposal.  They state employees currently working may have to be laid off to hire people with physical/mental challenges and this could cause controversy.  Employers also state they may have a difficult time finding people with physical/mental challenges who have the skills necessary to complete the job.

Businesses also state that the proposal would be hard to follow because of laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act.  This law makes it illegal to ask a person about physical/mental challenges when being considered for hiring.  Government representatives responded to that concern by stating people would have to legally self-disclose about their challenge.

Department of Labor Representatives state that a standard figure of hiring people with physical/mental challenges is needed because in the past business contractors didn’t have clear guidelines to employ this population.  This proposal would also help increase employment numbers according to the representatives.  Activists support this proposal.

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