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March 28, 2012

Ashley Treatment Angers Activists

A young girl named Ashley from Seattle, Washington, was born with mental challenges.  Her parents and Seattle doctors came up with a plan known as “Ashley’s treatment.”  This treatment centers on stopping hormone growth with the thinking that it will improve Ashley’s lifestyle and eliminate pain.

Activists expressed anger and worry about this treatment.  The Disability Rights Network is creating a report showcasing their opposing viewpoint.  They hope to get Congress and individual states to format laws against hormone replacement procedures.

Silvia Yee, a lawyer with the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund stated, "This is what we were fearing. It is becoming just one more choice on the menu of possibilities – a medical operation that will change a person's life. Who has the right to decide to change an individual into a different entity?”

There are at least twelve families that have completed Ashley’s treatment or are presently in the procedure.  Children with physical/mental challenges who have had this treatment done are suspected to total over 100.  Families that have expressed intrigue by Ashley’s treatment total in the thousands.

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