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March 21, 2012

New ADA Rules Cause Controversy

New requirements have been put into place to modify the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Businesses were given until this year to cooperate.  However, most businesses are having trouble adhering to the new standards.

These new rules require that recreational structures be 100% accessible.  These structures include public pools, golf courses, and exercise clubs.   Hotel reservation systems must follow the new guidelines as well.

A report in USA states that many hotels and whirlpools are forced to be shutdown due to not having any lifts.  The American Hotel and Lodging Association stated the ADA rules are unclear.  They wrote a letter to the US Justice Department asking for more time and the department agreed stating that they would delay the process. 

Hotel regulations aren’t the only things getting an update from the ADA.  There have also been new requirements for service dogs and buildings.  This is the first major update of the ADA since its creation.

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