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March 20, 2012

Walgreens Looks to Expand Hiring

 A Texas Walgreens is looking to hire more people with physical/mental challenges.  They are looking to hire more cashiers and other areas with these challenges.  Walgreens is also hoping to highlight inclusion by promoting this idea.

Walgreens wants to have 10% of employees have a physical/ mental challenge.  They hope other companies will want to hire this population.  A Walgreens employee calls idea “very successful.”

This Texas Walgreens hasn’t been the only store embracing this idea.  Other stores in different parts of the country have accepted this idea.  These areas include: Houston, Wisconsin and New York.

It does appear that other companies are following Walgreens lead.   In 2011, a company in Maine stated that approximately 30% of people would be workers who are physically/mentally challenged.  Despite these positive numbers, many businesses still have a lot to learn when hiring people in this population.

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