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March 9, 2012

Increase Academic Achievements for Modified Education

Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan has stated that the modified education division will be reorganizing annual reviews as part of a plan to increase academic success.  Annual reviews are created to determine whether a student who has a physical/mental challenge is being properly determined under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Government representatives hope this new plan will raise modified education standards as opposed to schools simply cooperating with the law.

“For too long we’ve been a compliance-driven bureaucracy when it comes to educating students with disabilities,” Duncan said. “We have to expect the very best from our students — and tell the truth about student performance — so that we can give all students the supports and services they need. The best way to do that is by focusing on results.”

There are two other areas the Department of Education wants to focus on to increase academic success for students with physical/mental challenges by reorganizing annual reviews.  First, they want a student to receive better grades.  They also hope it will show higher graduation ratios for this population.

Government representatives state that they have been pleased with verification of appropriate services for students with physical/mental challenges.  However, they feel more needs to be accomplished to be successful overall academically for these students.  Government representatives didn’t go in depth about specifics regarding this plan.

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