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March 6, 2012

Stern, Letterman Assists with Asperger’s

David Finch struggled in communicating with Asperger’s syndrome until he followed celebrities’ mannerisms like Howard Stern and David Lettermen.  Finch had trouble holding conversations and following social cues.  These comedians helped him learn to deal with the condition.

Finch said he would listen to Stern deliver a story continuously for a length of time.  He noticed how Stern would express himself through his tone and also used jokes when he would be interrupted.  Finch stated he used this idea as a coping mechanism for himself since he would become easily angry when people interrupted him.

Finch liked the way Letterman expressed his body language.  Letterman shows direct eye contact with the punchline of a joke in the camera and also often changes facial expressions.  These body language techniques were also beneficial to Finch.

Finch was a marketing engineer but is currently a public speaker.  Learning these techniques also helped him have a better relationship with his wife.  He has written a novel about his obstacles and triumphs with Asperger’s syndrome.

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