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March 26, 2012

World Down’s Syndrome Day Observed

March 21 honored the first worldwide observance of Down’s syndrome Day.  At the United Nation (U.N.) headquarters in New York, activists and people with Down’s syndrome met for a conference honoring the condition.  Activists have been unofficially observing this day since 2006.
U.N. representatives granted approval to observe this day at the end of 2011.  On March 21, representatives discussed the problems many people with Down’s syndrome face in obtaining equal access in areas such as education.  They used this day to ask for change.

In Washington D.C., one US Senator has a very personal connection to World Down’s Syndrome Day.  Sen. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has a son with the condition.  She spoke about her son in front of the House of Representatives.

“Cole has given me a whole new perspective for being a mother and also being a member of Congress,” McMorris Rodgers said of her son. “Cole’s birth has given me a whole new purpose for serving in Congress and he reminds me every day of the significance, the tremendous positive impact that every single person has on this world.”

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