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March 22, 2012

Crisis Care Changed by States

Medicaid representatives stated they will provide compensation for adults who need emergency psychiatric care.  This will be tested under a new trial program.  This program will be available in eleven states including Washington, D.C.  

“This new demonstration will help ensure patients receive appropriate, high quality care when they need it most and save states money,” said Marilyn Tavenner, acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, in announcing the program.

In the past, Medicaid wasn’t responsible for handling coverage of psychiatric treatment for people with physical/mental challenges ages 21-64.  These people were taken to general hospitals.  Medicaid representatives state these hospitals weren’t prepared to take on these needs.
This trial program will receive $75 million in funds.  Federal representatives state they will supervise the success of the program to see if funding should be raised or lowered.  Other states granted the funding include: Alabama, California, and Rhode Island.

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