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March 23, 2012

Government Helps with Web Access

The US government wants the public’s help in making websites more accessible for people with physical/mental challenges.  This idea also applies to other areas of technology as well.  Federal representatives are working to create a proposal to improve technology.

“People with disabilities should be able to access their government on an equal footing with all Americans,” wrote Kareem Dale, Obama’s special assistant to the president for disability policy, and two colleagues in a blog post. “With this strategy and your input, we take one more step toward achieving that goal.”

This idea originated from President Barack Obama’s goal to improve web accessibility and other technology in summer 2011.  His staff states that this idea coordinates with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.  This Act requires all technology to be 100% accommodating for people with physical/mental challenges.

Government representatives appreciate the public’s feedback regarding this topic.  They want to make sure they have the appropriate ideas.  They are asking the public to submit feedback through April 9 on a new website: http://section508ideascale.com

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