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March 29, 2012

Basketball Star’s Family Focus

Elena Della Donne was a basketball star in the making.  She was selected to play for the University of Connecticut but two days later she left.  Della Donne wanted to be closer to her sister Lizzie in Delaware who is sight impaired, hearing impaired, and has Cerebral Palsy.

Della Donne states her decision to leave Connecticut was the best choice she’s made currently.  She even has a tattoo with Lizzie’s name on her ribs.  Della Donne touches it when the game gets hard or even before the game as a reminder Lizzie is there.

Della Donne says Lizzie taught her to constantly keep fighting.  She also taught her to never give up.  Della Donne states she would be unhappy if she were further apart from Lizzie and the rest of her family.

“I would watch her struggle and I would watch her persevere through her struggles and that was something that always helps me put my life in perspective,” Della Donne said. “She overcomes battles that I will never face and thank God I will never face those, because I’m nowhere near as strong as Lizzie. And only someone like Lizzie can get through those battles.”

Della Donne played basketball for University of Delaware Fighting Blue Hens.  She scored 39 points in a game.  She was also the country’s top point producer with an average of 27.5 points per game.

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