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March 27, 2012

Employee Statics Cause Concern

A new report shows people with physical/mental challenges were employed at .88% in 2010.  These numbers come after the Obama administration has tried to raise employment for this population.  This report was done by the Equal Opportunities Employment Commission (EEOC).

In July 2010, President Barack Obama signed an executive order to boost hiring of people with physical/mental challenges.  This order intended make the federal government “a model employer” for this population.  Full impact wasn’t seen since this report was documented at the same time of the order.

This report showed that although 554 employees with physical/mental challenges were focused on in 2010, the number of people actively obtaining a job was equal to the numbers in 2009.  Also, the EEOC wasn’t able to reach its hiring target of 2%.  In 2001, the EEOC documented that federal employers focused on people with physical/mental challenges at 1.1%.

These numbers highlight people with sight and hearing challenges as well as other primary challenges.  These challenges are likely to be at the center of federal hiring initiatives. US government is the biggest employer with 2.8 million people.

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