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March 12, 2012

More Chances for Self-Activism

The National Council of Self-Activism was created by the Arc.  This group was created for people with physical/mental challenges to educate and raise awareness about living with a challenge.  Through this organization people can aspire to become community activists.

 “This is an opportunity for us to voice our opinions and show what self-advocates across the country care about,” said Joe Meadours, one of three self-advocates who sit on The Arc’s national board and will head up the new council. “If we don’t have the proper services we won’t have a quality life.”

There have been a number of organizations run by people with physical/mental challenges.  However, this is the first organization that allows people with physical/mental challenges to be in positions of power such as leaders and executives.  The National Council of People and Autism Speaks are two organizations that followed this example.

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