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March 19, 2012

Vanderbilt and Kansas #1

Vanderbilt and Kansas University are the top schools for future modified education teachers.  This information comes from US News and World Report.  The two schools shared first place rankings in the standings.
Other schools entering the list included University of Austin and the University of Florida.  Modified education is one of many areas followed by US News.   There are several other areas followed as well.
This isn’t the first time at the top for modified education programs as far as Vanderbilt and Kansas.  In 2011, researchers found that they were the top universities in educating students with physical/mental challenges.  This information was gathered in 2005-2009.
In addition to modified education several other areas were followed in US News.  These areas included business law and medicine.  US News also found that Vanderbilt and Kansas were the most active schools in getting studies published in journals about modified education.

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