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March 13, 2012

More Money for Community Living

Medicaid representatives are granting millions of dollars to community living opportunities.  New Hampshire is the first state to enroll in this program.  This new service is called the Balancing Incentive Program.

“No one should have to live in an institution or nursing home if they can live in their homes and communities with the right mix of affordable supports,” said Cindy Mann, who oversees the federal Medicaid program. “These new grants will help states like New Hampshire give people with long-term care needs the choice about how and where to live their lives.”

New Hampshire is going to receive $26.5 million in 3+ years.  This program allots $3 billion dollars in total funds.   States that receive the money must use it to grow community living services.
Other states are also contemplating receiving the money for community living.  Maryland is just one of the states considering this idea.  Presently, community living is supported by federal funding.

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